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CIOs Need to Help Bridge the Gap Between Online and On-Site Shopping Through Mobile-First Strategy

‘Tis the season for goodwill, gifts and of course, frenetic shopping, especially online in this day and age, as we count down to Christmas. Brick-and-mortar retailers are scrambling to compete with their online counterparts for every shopping dollar. Marketing teams are using every available sales tool from newspaper inserts to website and social media promotions. CIOs who really want to shine in this all-important sales season need to help their sales and marketing divisions shift to a mobile-first mindset. 

By merging customers’ smart phones, location-based enterprise WiFi software solutions and unified communications toolsets, retailers can communicate with shoppers in ways that feel natural and helpful to them, bridging the gap between the online and on-site shopping experience. 

And, by building in data analytics, CIOs can help marketers capture and synthesise the data they need to develop targeted advertisements pinpointed to an individual shopper’s needs.

While the retail applications for enterprise WiFi applications are endless, the technology is also a strong fit for other markets including hospitals and even large public spaces like university campuses, stadiums, and connected cities that need to interact in a more connected, targeted and meaningful way with customers, patients and citizens alike.

Five Things CIOs Need to Know About Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions

  1. Available as a Service: The great thing about software-as-a-service is the "as a service" part. There's nothing for the IT department to worry about. The CIO purchases an enterprise WiFi software solution on a subscription basis; Logicalis hosts the software and provides Tier-1 support, while ITUMA provides the implementation and maintenance of the software. All the client has to do is manage their content, consuming the technology as a service.
  2. No Rip-And-Replace Needed: No matter what unified communications platform your business runs on, a modern enterprise WiFi solution can sync with it. The fact that enterprise WiFi is technology agnostic is especially good news for retailers, for example, that have a chain of stores that may have a variety of equipment installed in different locations.
  3. Device Independent: Because enterprise WiFi solutions rely on common web standards and are managed from a single dashboard, the organisation's marketing platform looks and feels consistent to the public regardless of the defice the consumer, patient, student or citizen is using to receive their messages. A sophisticated enterprise WiFi solution will recognise the user’s device of choice and adjust the content’s format for optimal presentation.
  4. Boon to Marketing: Reaching mobile customers with personalised messages is a tough task, something which marketers and public space managers struggle with every day. Without an enterprise WiFi solution in place, organisations rely on Facebook, Twitter and an array of advertising vehicles to reach the public, but messages often miss the mark or arrive at the wrong time. If a grocery chain, for example, emails a customer on Sunday about an upcoming promotion, but the customer doesn’t plan to shop until Thursday, the message may be long forgotten by the time the customer enters the store. If, however, the promotion is pushed to the customer’s mobile phone via short message service (SMS) just as he or she enters the store’s parking lot, the message becomes much more valid and timely.
  5. Delivers a Better Customer Experience: It seems like just about everyone is looking for a mobile-first strategy these days. With an enterprise WiFi SaaS solution, organisations can seamlessly move relevant messages from bricks to clicks, delivering more targeted data to recipients. 

For example, the shopper who has been searching the Internet for the right pair of shoes for a special event; upon arriving at the mall, the shopper receives notification of a shoe sale inside, as well as a coupon for the very kind of shoes she needs. By initially asking the shopper to opt-in using a Facebook logon, the solution now has access to Facebook analytics that give the mall the information it needs to provide targeted, useful information to the shopper the moment she arrives on site.

Imagine also a patient coming to a hospital for an outpatient radiology exam. How convenient might it be to sync the patient’s appointment schedule with directions that lead the patient to the right department, sharing that information via SMS upon his or her arrival in the hospital parking lot? Cases like these clearly show the advantages of an enterprise WiFi solution to both the sender and receiver of information.

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