Logicalis has partnerships with other leading IT vendors that have complementary product offerings in the voice, data and security space.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers a set of services Amazon Web Services Technology Partnerthat together, form a reliable, scalable and inexpensive computing platform 'in the cloud'. Logicalis is a Standard Partner of AWS.

Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks is a leading provider of enterprise mobility, Aruba Networks Solution Partnerincuding Enterprise Wireless LAN, Access Points and BYOD solutions. Logicalis is a 1st-tier partner of Aruba Networks, and together, we can offer solutions that enable you to reap the full benefits of mobility.


Fortinet specialises in network security appliances. It manufactures the FortiGate series of ASIC-accelerated firewalls, including VPN, anti-virus, content filtering, intrusion detection and traffic shaping. Logicalis is a Silver Partner of Fortinet.


SAP SILogicalis is a SI Service Partner of SAP. Logicalis sells and deploys SAP HANA and traditional SAP infrastructure for other SAP SIs, SAP VARs and SAP customers. Logicalis works in close collaboration with leading technology partners such as Cisco, NetApp and Amazon Web Services, and SAP SIs and VARs to bring high-quality infrastructure deployments to SAP's customers be it on SAP HANA or non-HANA platforms.