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Logicalis provides ABB Australian with a next generation Cloud Backup Service

ABB Australia operates with about 1500 staff and has distributed servers with over 10 terabytes of data across 10 sites in NSW, QLD, VIC and WA. ABB is committed to helping its utility and industry customers improve their efficiency while lowering environmental impact.

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ABB had a legacy data centre environment with file servers and application servers distributed around multiple sites across the country. These were backed up with disparate technology that had begun causing major problems; the sheer volume of tapes meant data recovery caused downtime and loss of productivity. ABB needed to replace its outsourced legacy tape process with a centrally managed back-up and replication solution.

Logicalis supplied ABB with the hardware, software, technical expertise and project management skills to migrate data housed on file servers and host this at an ABB site. Logicalis Back-up as a Service, built on EMC’s Avamar technology, was used to provide a full back-up of the data that complied with ABB’s stringent global back-up and replication compliance requirements.

The managed service provided to ABB is based on restoration SLAs and backed by penalties ensuring accountability for the service levels committed to by Logicalis. The service enabled ABB to migrate servers and data to a new hardware in a simple, easy and secured fashion.  ABB can now engage Logicalis to rapidly restore data often within just a few hours. “The most important thing for our business is that we have a lot more confidence in the reliability of our back-ups and our ability to restore the data” said Ather Islam, Group IS Project Executive.