Meaningful Digital Transformation Starts with Network Evolution

Digital technologies are enabling radically new ways to deliver value to customers, shifting competitive landscapes, and altering the underlying economics of markets. 

All organizations are in the process of introducing new digital technologies. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of embracing digital transformation among many companies, as technology allows these businesses to continue to function without affecting their operations. More importantly, in the long run, to remain competitive and relevant, organizations need to adopt these new digital initiatives quickly, dynamically, and securely, often with reduced budgets.

Evolution Before Transformation
Typically, these initiatives will use some combination of cloud, mobility, analytics, new applications and IOT. However, all of these will be highly dependent on a network that can constantly adapt to meet these new demands, securely, efficiently and at scale. Clearly, any meaningful Digital Transformation will first require Network Evolution

However, today 95% of network changes are still performed manually. A wasteful 75% of operational expenses is spent on network visibility and troubleshooting. And a worrying 70% of policy violations are due to human error. Not a pretty picture. But how does one forge a strong network infrastructure?

You start by considering the new requirements of your new digital ready network:

  • Total visibility with AI/ML to optimize performance
  • Actionable insights for better control
  • Built-in best-in-class security
  • Automation that simplifies operations

How Strong is Your House?
Building a strong network is somewhat like constructing a house. You start by pounding the ground, ensuring a strong foundation for the house. Think of this foundation as complete, consolidated network visibility, which is so essential to enhancing and expanding any network infrastructure.

Next come the pillars, which basically support the house and any addition to the structure. Similarly, constructing actionable data derived from consolidated visibility allows organisations to identify any gaps, performance degradation, and reduce resolution lead time.

After the pillars are built, the walls are put in place to protect the house from unwanted intruders. With insights readily on-hand, organisations now have the means to close up any security gaps, effectively tightening security policies.

Finally, with the physical structure built, the IoT transforms the house into a smart, liveable and secure home. By adopting automation, an agile organisation minimises human errors and unproductive manual tasks, ultimately improving productivity.

Visibility Is Everything.
Your organisation needs an intelligent automated platform that delivers a deep understanding of your network data, translating data into actionable insights. Enhanced visibility also leads to better organisational security and operational automation. Is your business reaping the full benefits of the digital revolution to deliver value to your customers? Maybe it’s time to REIMAGINE your network transformation.