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Backup as a Service

The volume and growth of data is unprecedented, with an exploding backup footprint typically representing 5-25 times the capacity of the primary storage footprint. Amongst other challenges, businesses are also facing increasingly stringent regulatory compliance and IT governance initiatives. The bottom line is that this is putting data at risk – and creating enormous pressure on IT budgets and resources.

However, very few organisations have been able to transform their data protection processes. There is a perception that backup is complex, and change will bring unnecessary risk. In short: it’s too hard.

“...most organisations consistently state they have the same data protection challenges, but rarely do they try to approach these issues any differently.”– Enterprise Strategy Group

Logicalis has the answer to your data protection challenges, with a choice of managed and cloud back-up offerings and a simple pricing model based on the volume of data being backed-up.

Logicalis’ backup offerings provide different approaches to data protection to meet different customer requirements. Whichever one you select, they are all designed to solve traditional backup challenges and provide you with a scalable and risk-free solution.

The business benefits

Reduced cost and risk (Cost-effective per-GB pricing model and periodic restoration testing)

Ability to scale  

Greater operational efficiency

Business-focussed (Backup as a Service is built on SLAs, including backup success and committed recovery times)

Industry Insights

Top 10 Backup Headaches

One of the biggest challenges for organisations both large and small across the Australian commercial landscape is how to make IT infrastructure lean and efficient; an infrastructure that is aerodynamic, creating minimum “drag” on an organisation. Many organisations’ backup solutions are one of the least aerodynamic components of its IT infrastructure, often relying on creaking legacy systems. Find out about the Top 10 backup headaches for organisations and a Logicalis cure!

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