Virtual Private Data Centre

The Logicalis Virtual Private Data Centre (LVPDC) offers secure infrastructure for hosting enterprise customer applications and servers. It provides you with the benefits of Infrastructure as a Service in reducing cost and enabling agility plus the ability to retain full visibility (and control) of your on-premise and cloud infrastructure through a single management application.

The Logicalis VPDC provides a complete SLA-backed solution for any size enterprise:

  • Retain full control of your cloud infrastructure through a full set of orchestration tools (or Logicalis can manage the environment for you through our 24x7 service desk)
  • Includes cost-effective Disaster Recovery (DR), backup and long-term retention options (with the ability to specify replication down to a virtual machine level)
  • Advanced networking gives you a virtual firewall, VPN access, load balancing and the ability to configure security zones (VLANs) within the virtual private data centre

The LVPDC increases business flexibility and agility and makes it easy to scale according to your business needs.

The business benefits

Retain full control of your infrastructure

Access cost-effective DR and data protection 

Rapid self-provisioning 

Access lower-cost computing without the compromises of commodity cloud

Industry Insights

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