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Cloud is fast becoming the dominant IT model delivering the choice, efficiency and flexibility to match the changing business needs and support rapid growth. However it also needs to be delivered with enterprise grade reliability, governance of corporate data and strong security controls.

Choice is at the core of Optimal Cloud, providing organisations with a secure, agile, scalable and highly available Virtual Private Data Centre (VPDC) environment. Built on enterprise class, Software Defined infrastructure, it has been designed to support a range of workloads and use cases to meet an organisation’s specific business and operational requirements.

Business benefits

  • Enterprise grade Cloud
  • Dedicated Virtual Private Data Centre resources
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Predictable cost model
  • Flexible and adaptable
Your Cloud Strategy Solutions

Your Cloud Strategy Solutions

Your Cloud Strategy will prove critical to your Business Success

Like many businesses today, your company is under pressure to deliver services, experiences and results at a speed that meets customer expectations. Having a practical and achievable cloud strategy will enable your IT department and your business to do exactly that. As a result, you will be in a position of significant competitive advantage because research suggests that only 3% of organisations have an optimised cloud strategy.

As the world becomes increasingly digital it is vital that companies like yours have a clear roadmap for their business and their IT. And the best way to get where you need to go while avoiding false starts and pitfalls is to work with an experienced guide.

Cloud Advisory Services are a proven approach to identifying the best possible private, public and hybrid cloud mix for your cloud journey.

Benefits of Cloud Advisory Services:

Now that you recognise the benefits of Cloud Advisory Services for your Cloud Strategy, take a look at how you can develop a unified Cloud Business Strategy. 

Build your Cloud Business Strategy