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Data Centre

The conventional data centre has been the traditional vehicle for supporting the business. Ironically, while technology liberated organisations from the bricks and mortar that once defined and contained them, the data centre remained behind like a fixed point in space and time.

The new model for a data centre is less tied to a physical plant and more integrated into the very fabric of an organisation. It still has technology inside with blinking lights and wiring closets, but it also extends outward to the point where the business interacts with customers and partners.

The business benefits

  • Save money and energy
  • Become more responsive and prepared
  • Leverage IT consolidation
  • Simplify maintenance
  • Be ready for tomorrow
Data Centre Challenges

Data Centre Challenges

The modern Data Centre is no longer tied to a physical location. Instead it is integrated into the very fabric of an organisation. Data Centres are now part of a wider Hybrid Cloud strategy where business applications, workloads and data reside in a number of locations.

There are many options for the way a Data Centre can be organised and operated; public and private cloud, co-location facilities, and various levels of service for managing and monitoring different environments. Each comes with distinct benefits and challenges.

For example, if you choose to own and operate your own Data Centre you will have to maintain all of the equipment, employ highly skilled staff to monitor and manage the technical environment, and have a disaster recovery plan and a budget.

In many instances, outsourcing Data Centre hosting, management and monitoring to specialist 3rd party service provider can represent better value for money. For example:

The potential benefits of Data Centre outsourcing include

One potential downside of outsourcing is that certain specific application workloads may operate with limited capability which may result in costs up to 3.5 times more than on-premise platforms.

Therefore, to determine which option is best for your organisation, you need to fully understand your application workloads, related data and future business priorities. 

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