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Every organisation needs to enable their employees to use their portable devices to work more effectively, productively and collaboratively. When you give your people access to data and services via their laptops, tablets and smartphones, you give them the power to work anywhere at any time. However, it is vital that, while doing so, you retain full control over corporate security and governance.

Use cases for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobility can be defined according to vertical markets, such as retail, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, education etc. This often generates new ideas for ways to benefit from mobile working that are unique to world.

The business benefits

  • Access to corporate data, applications and services from any mobile device
  • Improved user experience
  • Greater collaboration with colleagues, customers and partners
  • Higher productivity, efficiency and flexibility to work anytime, any place
  • Secure management and control of access to your data assets 
Your Mobility Solutions

Your Mobility Solutions

Delivering a BYOD policy requires a comprehensive and inclusive approach.

From the definition of the business use case and appropriate corporate policies, to delivering and supporting the new applications mobile users need to do their jobs.

Mobility also means expanding the speed and capacity of your Wi-Fi network so it’s able to support the surge in the use of new mobile devices and deliver the rich mobile experience users expect. And your network must be properly secured so make sure it delivers the right level of access to each device based on a thorough endpoint assessment.

The most significant challenge will be balancing the needs of the business with what your users have come to expect from the mobile experience. You will need to educate the entire organisation on what is possible, practical, manageable, affordable and acceptable.

You must ensure that your organisation’s aspirations for mobility are realised without exposing the business to unacceptable risk. To make this happen, business executives, IT staff and the user community will need to work together. Cross-organisational collaboration is the only way to develop and deliver a comprehensive, secure and successful mobility enablement strategy.

Your mobility strategy is likely to become the catalyst for your business transformation. But to get it right, it needs to be a top down, bottom up, inclusive process that spans multiple layers of the business and includes all the key stakeholders.

Mobility Experience Framework