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To compete and prosper in today’s marketplace every organisation has to empower their people to collaborate more effectively. To achieve this you will need to provide instant and secure access to corporate networks, extend virtualisation, and leverage cloud computing. These are not options - these are commercial imperatives.

Today, your wired and wireless enterprise networks need to be intelligent. Fortunately, advances in network technology offer an evolutionary path for forward-thinking IT departments to integrate intelligence into their network infrastructure. As a result, they will gain a technological and competitive lead within their sector.

The business benefits

Support access to increasing number and types of devices

Enable higher amounts of data transfer

Leverage next-generation technologies

Improve data back-up and recovery

Increase network security

Networking Challenges

Networking Challenges

We hear a lot about ‘the Internet of Everything’ (IoE). But, right now, less than 1% of everything in the physical world is network connected.

In the near future the growth of the IoE, which Cisco defines as the convergences of people, process, data, and things, will make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before. This will create a wave of unprecedented opportunities for countries, businesses, and citizens.

However, whilst the number of devices, applications, and bandwidth demands are growing, the size of IT staff and budget remains static. Many IT organisations are struggling to manage the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend and cope with the huge growth in mobile devices and network traffic.

The two biggest challenges IT organisations face:

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