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Cyber security is one of the biggest challenges your organisation faces today. Every organisation within every sector is under attack.  And the hackers and cyber criminals who launch these attacks are becoming more sophisticated, systematic and destructive.

The only effective approach to security is a holistic, architectural approach – one that is manageable, adaptable, resilient and responsive. With the Logicalis' security framework you can now drive digital business securely.

The business benefits

  • Protect access to data
  • Increase visibility within your environment
  • Support your security strategy 
  • More time for your IT department
  • Safeguard company information
  • Protect your mobility


Logicalis Security Services include: 

Security Operations Centre (SOC) - Monitor the Security of your Systems

The Managed Security Service (MSS) SOC is a secure service that allows you to easily monitor the security of your systems without your organisation having to build out the same capability.

Security is becoming more and more established in the corporate structure - it is no longer acceptable for security to be a secondary function of an IT department. To address this challenge, organisations are investing in Security Operations Centres (SOCs) to provide increased security and rapid response to events throughout their networks.

Logicalis' MSS SOC combines MSS security research with service-level data from monitored devices across your networks to help you manage vulnerabilites discovered in your systems.

Managed Security Service Offerings

Managed Security Services - Logicalis' MSS SOC ensures all aspects of delivery meet with your required commercial, service and business-level requirements.