Work from Anywhere

Around the world, more business are moving towards a remote work policy, giving employees the option to work remotely, or from the office. Such arrangements not only meet employees’ demands for flexibility but also benefit employers in terms of:

What businesses need is the right tools and solutions for employees to work remotely in a safe and secure network environment.

Secure Network Environment

A secure network environment is fundamental for businesses with plans to adopt remote work policy. To facilitate access to critical systems/applications of businesses remotely, a multi-security defense with VPN and 2FA should be the primary choice of protection.


Aside to a secure network environment, it is important for businesses to have great remote work experience. Your meetings should be:

Ease of Data Accessibility

While working remotely, businesses want to allow employees flexibility and mobility in accessing corporate data, applications, and online resources.

Having a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows businesses to have a streamlined approach in delivering and protecting desktops and applications, ensuring its employees can work anytime, anywhere, across any devices.

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