Logicalis the first Cisco Global Partner to achieve Sustainable Campus Access Add-On Specialisation

APAC, Mar 20, 2024

  • Logicalis receives inaugural specialisation that acknowledges its position at the forefront of sustainable global managed service delivery 
  • The specialisation was awarded to Logicalis for supporting its customers to reduce the carbon footprints of their digital ecosystems 
  • This follows Logicalis being named the first partner to receive the Cisco Global Sustainability Partner of the Year Award at the 2023 Cisco Partner Summit 
  • As one of only six Cisco Global Gold certified partners, Logicalis holds the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation in 15 territories around the world


March 20th, 2024 - Logicalis, a leading global digital managed services provider, has become the first partner globally to achieve Cisco’s Sustainable Campus Access Add-On specialisation, reflecting the business’ unwavering commitment to sustainability. 

Having already secured the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialisation across 15 territories globally, Logicalis now adds another feather to its cap by supporting customers in reducing carbon emissions associated with their digital infrastructure. Logicalis achieves this by empowering its customers to adopt sustainable business practices whilst providing leading managed service solutions. These include 

  1. Power Consumption Monitoring and Reporting: Logicalis helps clients keep a close eye on the power consumed by their devices. 
  2. Equipment Refresh: Outdated equipment is replaced with more energy-efficient alternatives, contributing to overall power savings.
  3. Responsible E-Waste Recycling: Logicalis provides responsible e-waste recycling options for its customers. 


Logicalis validated its sustainability competency within the context of campus access managed services by passing a rigorous Cisco audit. This involves demonstration of capabilities such as optimising hardware usage, minimising energy consumption, leveraging telemetry for efficient product tracking and reporting, and ensuring effective disposal of end-of-use equipment. 

Logicalis’ sustainability reporting capabilities include its Digital Fabric Platform (DFP). Launched in 2023, the DFP gives CIOs a real-time view of how their entire digital ecosystem performs across five metrics including sustainability, reliability, security, economics and user experience. The platform benchmarks customers against industry standards and provides recommendations for how to reduce power consumption and effectively refresh, recycle, and consolidate equipment.  

Toby Alcock, Global CTO at Logicalis said: 

We are thrilled to have achieved Cisco’s Sustainable Campus Access Add-On Specialisation, building on our established sustainable campus customer solutions. This achievement highlights Logicalis’s continuous efforts to push the sustainable agenda forward and our commitment to being an example for others in the tech industry. We look forward to continuing our work with Cisco to drive sustainability initiatives forward.

Sustainability is core to the partnership between Logicalis and Cisco," said Denise Lee, Vice President of Cisco's Engineering Sustainability Office. "This recognition of Logicalis' expanding capabilities in sustainability managed services highlights how they are adding purpose-driven business opportunities to their portfolio of solutions. We are thrilled to continue this partnership and for the impact yet to come.

The recognition follows Logicalis being named the inaugural Cisco Global Sustainability Partner of the Year last year at the Cisco Partner Summit 2023 for its outstanding sustainability performance and success in helping customers reduce the environmental impact of its IT infrastructure across the globe.  


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