, Sep 25, 2014

Audatex Leverages Logicalis for Data Centre Expansion

Audatex Singapore

Audatex is a leading provider of computerised estimating and claims management solutions. The company works in partnership with insurers, bodyshops, motor manufacturers and all parties involved in the supply chain to provide solutions that ensure effective resolution of claims.

Audatex Singapore is part of the Solera group of companies, a global provider of claims solutions. Focused on maximising efficiency, Solera's companies deliver innovative solutions to customers in over 50 countries, across six continents. Audatex' expertise and applied technology, backed by world-class resources and extensive IT infrastructure investment, ensure improved productivity, profitability as well as customer retention and satisfaction.


The Solera companies work with each other to develop and deliver the latest technologies, market intelligence and best practices to over 75,000 customers in nearly 60 countries. On a typical day, Solera companies process tens of thousands of insurance claims for insurance companies, collision repair facilities, independent assessors, automotive dealers and recyclers, and financial services firms.

Every year, these customers depend upon the Solera group of companies, including Audatex, to resolve more than 25 percent of the 100 million repair claims and US$150 billion spent on repair costs around the world.


As part of the global expansion, a new data centre was set up in Singapore in 2014, adding to Audatex’s existing global data centres. Slated to go live in October to serve customers in the ASEAN region, the new Audatex Singapore data centre is co-located within Equinix’s 385,000 square feet SG3 Singapore premises, the company’s largest in the Asia Pacific.

Logicalis provided the system integration support for the Audatex data centre, from sourcing to staging, and to the final delivery of the data centre. Housed in two full server racks with full redundancy and costing more than S$500,000 to build, the data centre occupies 46 square feet of floor space and comprises best-of-breed network equipment, servers, software and storage from the leading players in the market.

Successful Outcomes

At the same time, Logicalis also secured a three-year maintenance contract with Audatex, supporting all the data centre equipment and leveraging Logicalis’ service helpdesk as the central point of contact, supporting eight product suppliers of the data centre.

“Logicalis was recommended from a list of approved vendors and was  eventually selected for their technical expertise and engineering experience, prompt response and competitive pricing,” said Mr Ronny Foo, Audatex Singapore General Manager.

“The Singapore data centre will enable Audatex to move closer and better serve our customers here. This will allow us to utilise our internal IT resources more effectively by improving the resiliency and availability of our network while reducing latency at the same time. The greater resiliency and availability will further ensure that our applications, servers and other equipment remain fully available and operational whenever the unexpected happens.”

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