Planet J

APAC, Nov 8, 2021

Revolutionary real-time theme park made possible

The Customer

Based in Macau, Planet J is the world’s first player-centric live-action role-playing (LARP) theme park. Spanning more than 100,000 square feet and
housing eight different zones, it offers more than 200 games and provides
visitors with one of the most interactive gaming experiences.

The Challenge

Planet J’s goal was to provide customer orientated services by integrating
family entertainment and retail with the latest technologies into a single
location for children and families.
The network infrastructure should securely run multiple services from data to
video streaming and high bandwidth games to support more than 100 staff
and 2,000 visitors.

The Solution

Logicalis developed a high reliability and availability integrated wireless
infrastructure supporting 500 internal users and 2,000 visitors.

The Result

Planet J successfully established the first theme park in a casino and offers a
real-time interactive entertainment experience to customers. This made them a
pioneer in the industry. The integrated wireless infrastructure brought about
advanced digital enhancements and provided a premium experience to its
visitors. A modernised workplace was built, leading to an overall increase in
efficiency of Planet J’s services. The high level of network performance also
enabled Planet J to reduce IT staff workloads and provide faster support to


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