Logicalis named 2023 Cisco Global Enterprise Networking and Meraki Partner of the Year for the second consecutive year

APAC, Nov 15, 2023

Last week, we proudly received the 2023 Cisco Global Enterprise Networking and Meraki Partner of the Year award during Cisco’s annual Partner Summit.  The award recognised Logicalis' global capability in Enterprise networking, with Logicalis Portugal receiving a special mention for their standout contribution to driving Intelligent Connectivity managed services to customers in Portugal.  


As one of only six Cisco Global Gold Certified Partners, Logicalis is honoured to receive this award for demonstrating innovation, driving engagement, and delivering greater value for our customers and communities, for a second year running.  


Here are some key Logicalis and Cisco areas we're co-collaborating on to deliver value and open new opportunities to drive momentum around managed services to deliver sustainable outcomes for our customers. 


Launch of Intelligent Connectivity 


In September, we announced the launch of Intelligent Connectivity powered by Cisco, a suite of solutions including Private 5G, SD-WAN, SASE, SSE, SD-Access and ACI Data Centre. Our customers can access either the full suite or a blend of digital managed services built on Cisco technology and underpinned by our award-winning Digital Fabric Platform. 


We were also the first global partner to achieve the Cisco Private 5G Strategic Designation, adding to our five Cisco-powered certifications in the Intelligent Connectivity suite (Managed Cisco SDWAN, Managed Meraki SDWAN, Managed Meraki Security, Managed SASE and Managed Campus Access).  


According to Alexandra Zagury, Vice President of Partner Managed and as-a-Service Sales at Cisco: “Logicalis continues to solidify its position as a global leader in next-generation connectivity services powered by Cisco. Combining deep connectivity and managed services expertise with Private 5G capabilities, Logicalis has a market-leading proposition for a wide array of customers.” 


Innovation in managed services  

Our Managed Digital Fabric Platform provides our customers with a real-time view of their entire managed digital infrastructure. Based on machine learning and AI, the platform delivers a simple Digital Fabric Score across five key metrics: Reliability, Security, Environmental, User Experience, and Economics. Digital Fabric Scores are benchmarked, so users can see how they perform against similar organisations, and receive practical recommendations to improve performance. 

This technology integration and data telemetry are at the core of our sustainability strategy with Cisco. We're currently working on integrating with the Energy Optimisation Management service, powered by Cisco Lifecycle Services, and our own monitoring platforms to drive real-time measurements, optimising our customers' sustainability KPIs and ensuring ESG compliance. 

Powering sustainable customer outcomes 

Together, we are powering customer progress on their sustainability goals through Cisco-powered services, the highlights include: 

  • Environmentally specialised in all 15 available countries. 
  • Leveraging our environmental sustainability specialisation to access Cisco’s Takeback and Reuse program to responsibly repurpose and recycle end-of-use equipment, used by customers such as GJames in Australia.  
  • Deploying smart building solutions that maximise energy and resource efficiency for customers, such as UKRI in the United Kingdom.  
  • Make sustainable buildings a priority for a Portuguese energy company with a state-of-the-art building automation solution and a 3-year managed service. 
  • Driving real-time sustainability measurements and recommendations for customers through our Award Winning DFP, Cisco sustainability assessments and the work we’re doing to integrate with the Energy Optimisation Management service, powered by Cisco Lifecycle Services. 


Jointly helping our customers transform 


With Cisco, we have jointly helped customers transform their businesses across a range of industries.  


The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) recently partnered with Logicalis to deliver high speed, secure connectivity on their two discovery vessels. The NOC’s mission is to ‘gain deeper knowledge of the ocean to help every living thing on our planet flourish’, and their research expeditions will now be able to capture large volumes of data securely, even when out at sea in the harshest of conditions. The solution significantly increases the security of the onboard IT infrastructure, decreasing risks to research data, scientific systems, and marine business systems, whilst at the same time enhancing the user experience with WiFi throughout the ship.  


Through its alliance with Logicalis, a progressive county in the USA was able to undergo a radical transformation in its operational service delivery. Facing challenges with an ageing network infrastructure and a reduced network team, Logicalis was able to secure an unyielding network operation round the clock. The strategic partnership not only addressed immediate concerns but paved the way for future technological innovations.  


A prominent automotive manufacturer with a workforce spread across 20 countries collaborated with Logicalis to optimise and improve its global connectivity. Intelligent Connectivity offered an integrated approach with embedded security features from Cisco SDWAN, edge devices, Telco management capabilities and the cutting-edge Digital Fabric Platform. The solution provided the customers with a comprehensive vision for their 5-year strategy, as well as the option to expand into other projects, such as private 5G technologies. 


A global energy supplier was looking to grow its operations by 50% over three years, but their current IT operating model wouldn’t allow them to scale due to the lack of a standardised process and predictable cost base. By collaborating with Logicalis they benefitted from a managed service that allowed them to scale, paving the way for contemporary workplace solutions and security.  


We continue to work hard with trusted partners such as Cisco, to innovate, drive engagement and deliver even greater value for our customers and communities. Together we drive positive, sustainable outcomes through our managed connectivity services.  


To learn more about our Intelligent Connectivity offering visit: https://www.logicalis.com/solutions-and-services/services/intelligent-connectivity   

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